Cookies policy

What is a cookie and what do we use these technologies for?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (PC, cell phone or tablet) that allow us to recognize your web browser. Cookies primarily contain information about your web browser and any activity that has occurred in it.

We may also use similar technologies that recognize cookies and identifiers and allow third parties to set cookies on your device. Web beacons may be used to determine which advertisements should be displayed in your web browser.

In this policy we use the term "cookie" to refer collectively to cookies, web beacons, pixel, tags and other similar technologies.

What types of cookies do we use?

-Strictly necessary cookies: these are those cookies necessary to provide the requested service, as well as to remember configuration preferences.

-Analytical and preference cookies: are those cookies through which we obtain statistics and analysis on the use made by users of our services. This allows us to have an overview of how many unique users we have and how they use our services. You can disable these cookies through the mechanisms we show you below but please note that, for example, we will not be able to remember your preferences and browsing patterns, you may have to log in every time you visit us, etc.

-Advertising cookies: these are cookies that allow us to show you advertising.

We use advertising cookies for different purposes:

-Cookies used for marketing purposes: they allow us to monitor activities on our pages to understand how they are used and allow us to optimize our traffic acquisition campaigns from external networks. We also use services to monitor a user's activity on our website and to be able to offer advertising in relation to their searches on other websites, as well as services for downloading applications and for brand promotion. Finally, we use push notification services to let you know in our applications about new features in our services.

-Cookies to show personalized advertising

Advertising is part of our business and will always be there. We use your data to show you advertising that is of interest to you and matches what you are looking for. If you do not want to see advertising tailored to your preferences below we explain how you can disable this option. By deactivating this type of cookies we will only show you generic advertising.

In addition, we work with third parties to show you personalized advertising based on your browsing outside our pages. Similarly, if you want to disable personalized advertising to receive only generic advertising you can do it through the following links to third parties:

How can I manage and delete cookies?

Portaltop installs its own cookies, technical and preference management cookies that you have indicated to us. These types of cookies do not require your consent for their installation because they are necessary for the operation of the Web Site, or to meet your requests for preference management of the user interface.

Portaltop also installs cookies on the Web Site, which require your consent for their installation. For the purposes of giving your consent, you will have the following options:

1.You will be able to give your consent to the installation of all cookies by selecting from the "Accept and close" button on the information banner.

2.You can give your consent for each purpose of cookies by clicking on the "More information" button, which will display all the purposes for which our Partners or idealista and our Affiliates may install cookies.

By clicking on the Accept button, you are consenting to the processing of your data for these purposes.

In any case, we inform you that you can withdraw your consent on the installation of Portaltop cookies by clicking on the following link that will redirect you to our consent management tool, being able to revoke the consent already given to Portaltop or to the different purposes previously accepted. 

Finally, you can access your browser settings "Cookies Settings" which allows you to refuse the installation of all cookies or some of them. To do this, depending on the browser you are using the way to access this setting will be different.


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