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In accordance with the provisions established by the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights [LOPD-GDD], we inform you that your data will be processed under the responsibility of PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L., which informs Users that it has proceeded to create a profile on the social network Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Youtube and Instagram, with the main purpose of informing the User about the very nature of the Company, the dissemination of news of public interest, as well as the communication of events and forums that may be of interest. 



  • ZIP CODE: 03001
  • CONTACT TELEPHONE: (+34) 672 353 566
  • E-MAIL:  


The User has a profile on the same social network and has decided to join the page created by PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L., thus showing interest in the information that is advertised on the Network. 

By joining our site, you give us your consent to the processing of personal data published in your profile. Likewise, we inform you that the elaboration of profiles is foreseen, in order to know the products or services that may fit you best, as well as the best way to communicate them to you, according to your preferences or habits shown, and which are offered by our entity.

The User may at any time access the privacy policies of the Social Network itself, as well as configure their profile to ensure their privacy.

PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. has access to and processes the User's public information, in particular, his/her contact name. This data is only used within the Social Network itself and is not incorporated into any file.

In accordance with the rights conferred by current data protection regulations, you may contact the competent Control Authority to file the claim you deem appropriate, and you may also exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data, as well as the withdrawal of the consent given for the processing of such data, by sending your request to PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L., Av/. Perfecto Palacio De La Fuente 6, Panoramis Life & Business, Alicante.

In relation to the rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, erasure, portability and opposition to processing, which may be exercised by you before PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L., in accordance with Chapter III of the GDPR, you should be aware of the following aspects:

  • Right of Access: this is the right of the user to obtain information about their specific personal data whose processing has been carried out or will be carried out by PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L., as well as the information available about the origin of such data and the communications made or planned for such data.
  • Right of rectification: this is the right of the data subject to have inaccurate or incomplete data amended. It may only be satisfied in relation to information that is under the control of PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. (for example, deleting comments posted on the page itself, or images or web content containing the user's personal data). 
  • The right to the limitation of processing: this is the right to limit the purposes of the processing originally foreseen by the data controller.
  • Right of Deletion: the right to delete the user's personal data, except as provided for in the GDPR or other applicable regulations that determine the mandatory nature of the conservation of the same, in a timely manner.
  • Right of portability: the right to receive from PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. the personal data provided by the user, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to transmit it to another data controller.
  • Right of Opposition: this is the right of the user not to have his or her personal data processed or to cease the processing thereof by PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. on the aforementioned social network.


In order to exercise any of the rights described above, you must comply with the following requirements. 


  1. Submitting a letter to the following address: C Av/. Perfecto Palacio De La Fuente 6, Panoramis Life & Business, Alicante. 
  2. The letter sent by the owner of the data requesting the exercise must comply with the following legal requirements:
  • Name, surname of the interested party and a copy of the ID card. In the exceptional cases in which the representation is admitted, it will also be necessary the identification by the same means of the person who represents him/her, as well as the document proving the representation. The photocopy of the DNI may be substituted provided that the identity is accredited by any other legally valid means.
  • Request in which the request is specified (exercise requested or information to which you want access). If you do not refer to a specific file, you will be provided with all the information we have with your personal data. If you request information of a specific file, only the information of this file. If you request information relating to a third party can never be provided. If you request it by telephone, you will be instructed to do it in writing and you will be informed how to do it and the address to which you have to send it. You will never be given information over the telephone.
  • Address for notification purposes.
  • Date and signature of the applicant
  • Documents accrediting the request.
  • The interested party must use any means that allows accreditation of the sending and receipt of the request.



PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. may carry out the following actions:

  • Access to the public information of the profile.
  • Send personal and individual messages through the Social Network channels.
  • Updates to the status of the page that will be published on the User's profile.


The User can always control their connections, delete content that is no longer of interest to them and restrict who they share their connections with; to do this they must access their privacy settings.


The User, once linked to the PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. page, may post comments, links, images or photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by the Social Network on the latter. The User, in all cases, must be the owner thereof, hold the copyright and intellectual property rights or have the consent of the third parties concerned.

Any publication on the site, whether text, graphics, photographs, videos, etc. that violate or are likely to violate morals, ethics, good taste or decorum, and/or that infringe, violate or violate intellectual or industrial property rights, the right to image or the law, is expressly prohibited. 

In such cases, PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. reserves the right to immediately remove the content, without prior notice, and may request the permanent blocking of the User.

PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. shall not be liable for the content freely posted by a User.

The User must bear in mind that his or her publications will be known to other Users, for which reason he or she is primarily responsible for his or her privacy.

The images that may be published on the page will not be stored in any file by PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L., but they will remain on the Social Network.


PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. reserves the right to hold events in which the User linked to its page may participate. The bases of each of them, when the Social Network platform is used for this purpose, will be published on the same, always complying with the LSSI-CE and any other applicable regulations.

The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse or administer, in any way, any of our events, nor is it associated with any of them.


PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. will use the Social Network to advertise its services. In any case, if you decide to treat your contact data for direct information actions, it will always be in compliance with the legal requirements of current legislation.

Recommending the PORTALTOP SPAIN, S.L. website to other Users, so that they can also enjoy promotions or be informed of its activity, shall not be considered advertising.

Below is the link to the privacy policy of the Social Network:







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