Casa Clarita: a tribute to Valencia and creativity

In La Seu, the oldest neighborhood in Valencia, just a few steps from the main square, a space was born where creativity and traditions merge in perfect harmony: Casa Clarita. Behind the facade of an old workshop is a new hotel ideal for those looking for a unique style. The person responsible for this project has been Jaime Hayon (National Design Award 2021), a famous Valencian artist known for his optimistic aesthetics and his ability to play with shapes, colors and recurring motifs. Its deep link with Valencia has been fundamental to create a unique space inspired by the city of Turia and show it to the whole world.

The six-storey building originally belonged to the Gironese family of artisan glassmakers, who lived on the upper floors and used the ground floors as workshops and a shop. After a careful restoration and adaptation, the building now welcomes travelers who are looking for something unique and enjoy a slow tourism experience. On the ground floor and the first two floors there are 12 rooms ideal for short stays, while from the third to the fifth floor there are ten apartments, perfect for those who wish to enjoy longer stays.

Creating this space was not an easy task, since important structural reinforcements were needed. At Casa Clarita, which combines the category of hostel with the essence of a boutique hotel, no two rooms are the same. Each corner is full of unique architectural elements and decorated with objects recovered from tradition, which allows one to understand the neighborhood and the origin of the Valencian character. From the headboards of the beds to the wardrobes, the bathroom furniture, the doors, the tables and the mirrors, each piece combines perfectly with Hayon's avant-garde works of art, which include the paintings scattered around the rooms or the murals with his stamp.

Casa Clarita invites travelers to connect with the soul of the city and with the spirit of the Valencian character. That is why amenities from the local brands can be found in each room and every morning a breakfast made with proximity products is served in the lobby: the bread is from the Ruzafa neighborhood, the sweets from the traditional pastry shop of the Carmen barrio, while the sausages and fruits are brought every morning from the Central Market.

The design, originality and love for the land make Casa Clarita a unique experience to connect with the spirit of the environment, beyond a simple stay in a hotel.


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