Espacio real estate company obtains permission for La Térmica project in Málaga

The company has announced the approval of the La Térmica project by the Directorate General for Coasts, "one of the largest residential projects on the Andalusian coastline and the most suitable for the city of Málaga", because "it relates to a range of multiple land uses to meet the needs of the population of the area, including the construction of 870 residential units, as well as commercial, office and hotel complexes.

La Térmica is an example of urban development in the form of a public-private partnership, the result of a joint initiative between Malaga City Government and NUMA, a company founded by Inmobiliaria Espacio and Ginkgo Investment. 

The developer explained that the Directorate General of Coasts gave the green light to develop the project after reducing the maximum height of the buildings to 11 levels in some places, not counting the ground floor. According to the company, "the formation of architectural or visual barriers is avoided by changing the height and maximizing the view, and in this way, the supporters of the project elevate the harmony of the nearby urban landscape".

Through the distribution of the frontages and the use of white for thermal regulation of the buildings, the architecture of the La Térmica buildings seeks integration and respect for the environment while assuming lower energy consumption.

In addition, the façades have been designed with rounded edges to attenuate the effect of the prevailing winds and make life easier for the future occupants of the area. In addition, each building will have the highest energy efficiency certification, matching or exceeding the latest trends in Europe.

With this approval, the developers expect the final approval of the Partial Plan next month in order to start construction as soon as possible.

Alberto Muñoz, Managing Director of Inmobiliaria Espacio, said: "This permit is the last step we need to obtain planning approval for one of the most important, but also fundamental projects for the city of Málaga. In this urban development, we have tried to continue to accelerate the renewal of Malaga's territory, promoting the modernization of the city and its adaptation to a more digital and sustainable global context. 

Inmobiliaria Espacio increased its participation in the NUMA company as part of its commitment to the province and city of Malaga and its surroundings. "At Espacio Real Estate we have a strong commitment to the projects we support. We decided to increase our commitment to La Térmica after Unicaja's exit because we are confident that it will become one of the most significant projects in Malaga and Andalucia in general," said Alberto Muñoz.

In addition to this acquisition, Inmobiliaria Espacio continues to strengthen its presence in the province of Malaga, having sold more than 500 homes in its territory.


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