Madrid will have a great new neighborhood by 2030

One of the most ambitious urban development projects in Madrid, the new residential development, Los Ahijones, continues to progress at a good pace. This Friday, the government has ratified the reparcelling project, which received approval in March. According to the plan, by the end of this year the first houses will be built, out of the almost 19,000 planned. 57% of these homes will have some kind of protection and the first tenants will receive the keys in 2030.

The new neighborhood will be part of the Vicálvaro district, will have an area equivalent to 800 football fields and will count with 8 office towers of 24,000 m2 each, educational centers, large green areas, 60 kilometers of bike path, a metro stop on line 9, several electric bus stops, among others. The streets of the new neighborhood will be named after great works of Spanish literature, such as La Regenta, El Lazarillo de Tormes, Nazarín, La Colmena, etc. 

The new urban development will not only focus on offering quality housing, but also great importance will be given to sustainability. Following the 3-30-300 rule, at least two trees can be seen from each window, at least 30% of the area will be reforested and within 300 meters any neighbor will be able to enjoy some green area. To comply with this rule, the neighborhood, besides being close to the Metropolitan Forest, will have large green esplanades, in which innovative water recovery techniques will be used. 

This new urban development, planned to be carried out in six stages, has already started the first one, which includes the construction of the first three thousand homes. The City Council of Madrid provides 381,952 m2 of heritage land for this project, in which a total of 18,724 homes will be built. 57.5% of the homes will be subject to some kind of public protection, while the rest, 42.5%, will be free development. It is expected that the prices of apartments will be affordable, especially for the young population who want to live in the capital. In addition, the neighborhood will have spaces for tertiary uses associated with residential buildability, offices, industrial and commercial recreational use. Links will be built with the M-40 roads, through the M-45, and the M-50 to facilitate the mobility of residents.

It is estimated that the investment necessary to carry out this new urbanization is close to 480 million euros, and the forecast of the total cost of the development is estimated at 3,000 million euros.


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