Spanish citizens' housing preferences for 2023

The real estate market is characterized by an uncertain future, as supply and demand are still very unbalanced and price increases affect both tenants and owners. The current economic situation has an integral impact on housing, which is why the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) conducted a survey to find out the real estate preferences of consumers used this year. 

Seven out of ten Spanish live in a property they own, usually a flat (65%) of between 50 and 100 square meters (58%) with an average of three bedrooms and often a storage room and garage.

The next most common dwelling after a flat is a semi-detached house (26%). The service provided by most of the properties is a parking space (59%) and storage room (47%). However, the swimming pool and garden are the least in demand, with only 20% and 33% of Spanish people having these facilities respectively. 

Four out of ten Spanish people have three bedrooms in their current residence, while 30% only have two. Similarly, 21% of Spanish have more than three bedrooms and only 6% of respondents have only one bedroom in their current residence. When it comes to house size, the most common is between 50 and 100 square meters, although 35% of respondents live in a larger property.

Are the people of Spain satisfied with their homeland? 

While eight out of ten Spanish are satisfied with their current property, 16% are dissatisfied. In this respect, 13% of those surveyed indicated that they would change their current home, while 16% did not know. Also, 13% of Spaniards would like to move to another place - Madrid (22%), Catalonia (12%), Valencia (12%) and Andalusia (9%) - especially those living in medium-sized cities. 

Among those looking for a new home, there is a trend towards single-family homes of more than 100 square meters: 60% want them, compared to 35% who already own them.

Similarly, when looking for a home, half of the respondents want three bedrooms, while only 9% of those surveyed want one. In terms of amenities, the most sought-after items are the garage (91%), followed by the storeroom (68%), the terrace (44%), the garden (41%) and finally the swimming pool (25%).

In terms of intentions to renovate an existing home, the most popular response was to renovate the kitchen (18%), followed by a bathroom (16%) and change the heating and air conditioning system (13%). Only 12% intend to completely renovate their home.

Property trends

77% of Spanish people intend to maintain their real estate assets over the next twelve months. As for home sales prices, half of those surveyed believe that they will remain the same this year, while 25% believe that they will fall and 27% believe that they will rise. However, half of Spanish believe that rents will rise, while 42% believe that they will remain at the same level and only 8% believe that they are likely to fall. 

The current economic situation is reflected in the respondents' intention to do real estate business in 2023. 

Thus, half of the population is confident that they will not make any real estate transactions, and only 6% intend to buy. These people will be joined by 12% who intend to buy if their current economic situation and market prices are not taken into account.


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